Custom Branding

Custom Branding for our daughter's Simcha: How we got from design to product.

We know that whether you're getting products custom made for an event or for self-promotion, you have a story to tell. While an embroidered logo on a kippa is one dimension of that message, there are many other options you can add to layer the experience for your customer/guest. The options are truly unlimited and our experience in this field will help guide you through this seamless process


Unique party favors

While a kippa is a classic party favor, we also offer Challah Covers, Candy Bags, Havdalah Bags, our original Shabbat on the Go sets and more! Come explore ways to make your simcha stand out!

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“The weave of the Toquilla straw kippot was declared by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012 in recognition to the ancient art.”
Kippot World is the only producer of straw kippot in the world. They are handwoven by skilled artisans in the highlands of Ecuador. Straw kippot are 100% natural, they can be dyed in various colors with organic and certified dyes, making this unique kippot eco-friendly and green kippot. Straw kippot have a variety of unique designs and weaves.


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Interested in a unique & customized Kippa for your Simcha?

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Custom linings

Let us help you design a custom lining for your kippot!

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